What Is a Financial Manager?

What is a financial manager? Simply put, a financial manager is a professional who is directly involved with the management of an organization’s finances. Financial managers have many duties; they often work in conjunction with accountants and auditors. A financial manager is one of the most important personnel within an organization, because a financial manager has access to all of a company’s financial records and information.

What is a financial manager doing on a daily basis? On a typical day, financial managers will make financial reports to the CFO (Chief Financial Officer). To produce these financial reports, financial managers must analyze and evaluate all financial statements from an organizations entire fiscal year. From this analysis, financial managers can make decisions about where the company should focus its resources, which products should be terminated, and that employees should be retained.

A financial manager has many duties. Because they have so much responsibility, financial managers must be detail-oriented. Their job requires them to study and evaluate every aspect of the organization’s finances. Because the CFO is involved every step of the way in the preparation of financial statements, financial managers must be able to explain complicated concepts to the CFO in layman’s terms. Because financial managers must be detail-oriented, they must often work in teams.

How are finance professionals involved in team building activities? Teams work better when there is communication between all members of the team. Communication is key to every aspect of business, including finance. By planning meetings or assigning individual managers to specific departments, managers can keep communications flowing throughout the company. This will ensure that the entire company is on the same page, which will lead to more accurate and timely financial reports.

How is what is a financial manager done? Financial management is best done by hiring an experienced independent financial consultant. Once you have a good idea of what your financial needs are, your financial manager can create a game plan that includes short and long term goals for your organization. A financial manager should have strong interpersonal skills because he/she must relate to CFOs and CEOs on a daily basis.

What is a financial manager doing? They are the “brain and body” of your company. In other words, they are the “leaders” behind your business. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you develop a solid plan for success.

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