Finding the Lowest APR Credit Card

Today’s society is very much centred around credit. The latter is used by many businesses and individuals and functions with markets across the world. In truth, commerce could difficultly function anymore without credit. Applying for a credit card has never been easier. It seems that almost anyone can be approved for a credit card, but how do you know what to look for? How do you determine where to find the lowest APR Credit Card? Informing yourself about credit cards and how they operate can help you towards navigating through credit process and finding some of the best adapted terms to suit your demands.

Many credit cards will offer teaser or introductory terms when you apply. These are generally used when the bank card will have terms that will only apply to the beginning of the card’s life, sometimes up to a year. Some common teaser terms include low or zero percent interest. Although these can at times be a valuable tool, you must note that they are not always the lowest APR credit card in the long run. Cards that offer very engaging teaser terms often count on the customer not reading the small print and many tend to charge much higher rates than normal after the introductory terms might have expired. Always read the fine print so that you can be well aware of exactly what you are agreeing to. If you have a definite plan in place for clearing the balance before the terms are up, this tool could be very useful. However, if you let your finances get away from now, especially if you happen to be a student, the increased rates could very much prove Mastercard to not be a good choice for your situation.

Credit cards almost always come with a grace period. This is the amount of time where the card holder can pay off the new balance without incurring any interest. Finding the right card for you will be another big point for you to consider. Even among the lowest APR credit card terms, the grace period might sometimes tend to vary quite a bit. In the past, it was quite customary for cards to feature a full thirty day grace period, but as the credit markets have tightened, the grace periods tend to have equally reduced. Many people just do not pay attention to the terms of their cards, but each credit card offer should have these terms clearly displayed, along with finance charges and interest rates. Knowing your card’s grace period and organizing your bill paying around the terms can save you a lot of money. Additionally, by following the terms, you will be able to make sure that you still qualify for any perks that will be associated with your card, including the possibility for cash back.

The last major element to consider will be the finance charges which will be related with your card. All cards charge for late and missed payments and even the lowest APR credit card may increase your favourable rate after just one month of default. Extended late or missed payments can result in a considerable increase in fees and interest rates. Nevertheless, if you have a positive credit history with a company, it can sometimes be possible to reduce or eliminate late fees, especially if caused by a one time event such as an emergency or mailing problem. If the company can see that you normally pay on time, they might then be more interested to work with you.

By remaining aware of just a few common things, it will be easy to figure out what the terms of a credit card offer are. Each piece of the puzzle will progressively come together in order to create a final product that will be able to work positively in your favour. By knowing what you need and how you plan to use your credit card, you can insure that you receive the best terms adapted to your needs.


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